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RICK WEIR IS AMAZING! I unfortunately bought a home that the previous owners did not disclose water damage and mold. It’s been a very long process, and Rick has been to my home a few times to inspect different areas as they are uncovered. He is THOROUGH. He found things my inspector missed! He has an incredibly keen eye and it’s apparent he knows his stuff. Informative, communicative, genuine and courteous. I hope I never have to deal with mold in my next home, but if there’s even a question, MIS and Rick, are who I would call in a heartbeat. Thank Rick! Mold is an awfully distressing situation for any homeowner, and COSTLY! It’s reassuring to know my money isn’t wasted on bad information and incomplete testing. I know I’m getting the best the mold inspection this industry can offer when you’re on the job.

Gabe and Ben (office managers, I think..?) are always super helpful too. I think they know me by name lol as I have needed MIS a few times with this house (Ugh…) but they are great, and they return calls promptly! Which seems to be a dying service.

Thanks MIS and RICK!!

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Jessica W. — Austin, TX

Patrick was on time, knowledgeable, thorough, kind, and patient. He explained everything clearly and gave great guidance on next steps. This company and Patrick get my highest praises.

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Neyssan M. — Austin, TX

Patrick came to our house after a leak in our upstairs bathroom – very honest and helpful!

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Hope L. — Austin, TX

Very responsive and professional.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Kerry E. — Cedar Park, TX

Our inspector was very knowledgeable and thorough. They are a little pricey, but I felt like I got my money’s worth. It was nice to get a full, written report of the inspection, including recommendations for urgent and optional remediation. I recommend them if you have concerns about mold in your house.

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Pete G. — Georgetown, TX

These guys were awesome- I really can’t say enough about how awesome Mold Inspection Sciences of Texas was. Super communicative from the start- Heidi, Ben, Dominick, and Shavoya were always in contact with me through the whole process, even as things got more complicated with the rain and the seller.

I decided to get an additional Mold Inspection on top of my home inspection because I was purchasing an older home (1930) that was moved to the property in 2011 and sat vacant for a while until it was remodeled, so I felt that I wanted to be sure that the air quality and mold levels were safe for me and my pug.

While they couldn’t get the inspection done as soon as I wanted them to (I needed over the weekend, we called on a Friday, they came on Tuesday) they got me in as soon as they could. On the day that the inspection was scheduled it was raining and had been raining, and one of the issues with the home was the pooling of water underneath the house and the debris in the crawlspace. Dominick and Ben went above and beyond to make sure they got the inspection done as thoroughly as they could given the condition and the weather. I actually was really grateful that all that rain was present during my option period and my inspections since it gave me an opportunity to see the house in some extreme weather and I was able to negotiate some of these issues with the seller. I was under a lot of stress at this point, with the inspections, the seller, the option period and everything, and they handled my anxiety calmly and professionally and I felt like went above and beyond what they had to do, especially since I was all wound up about everything.

Dominick did a very thorough job and not only took 5 samples but discovered a few areas of wet that we didn’t know about from the original inspection (including an active leak from the outside and a leak under a sink that we didn’t know about). Ben followed up promptly and took the time to explain things really clearly. I am a first-time home buyer and don’t really have any idea of what I am doing, and he talked me through the inspection results and how to prevent mold in the future.

After the fact, my seller didn’t exactly handle the information in a timely manner and I had some concerns about the place not being properly dried out and the potential for mold growing in the house with the wet spots the home inspector and mold inspector found. Ben spoke to me to about the situation and then worked with the seller to figure out how to best approach the situation. While I’m not walking in with the level of confidence I hoped to have around the mold report due to the seller not drying out the house appropriately, that is no fault of Mold Inspection Sciences of Texas.

Overall, I am very glad I got this inspection and was very impressed with their professionalism and the results of the inspection (albeit not completely at peace due to other circumstances and the amount of money I invested in achieving that peace of mind). Thank you!

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Rhiannon B. — Austin, TX

This company is as professional and reliable as it gets! I needed a mold inspection of my 1948 rental house. After contacting this company and schedule an appointment, the inspector Rick Weir arrived on time and patiently discussed my concerns and began to inspect the house. He went to town taking samples and pictures from every room and item in question, and covered the outside of the house too. I felt supported and cared for in the entire process. The mold inspection report was very reliable, well organized with corresponding photos and easy-to-read information, and written like a professional science report. I highly recommend Mold Inspection Sciences of Texas!

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Omid L. — Austin, TX

This company is outstanding from the moment you call them all the way through the process. Very flexible and responsive with scheduling and the professional service was outstanding. Dominick and the team exceeded every expectation at a very reasonable price.

(From Yelp – 5 star review!)

Anthony M. — Austin, TX

The arriving technician, Rick, was very thorough and left no stone upturned. He did a complete home inspection to evaluate any possible overall mold presence along with specific areas where mold might be. Performed were surface tests at various sights throughout the home via a moisture sensitive meter. Also performed was one swab sample from a visible mold appearance at the peak of a cathedral ceiling. Also were six air samples taken at key areas in the home where mold might be expected. Pictures were taken at all areas of the house to record any visible water stains at areas such as ceilings, walls, window sills, cracks in or missing caulking, patio cement where it meets the house, slope of landscaping where water runoff may tend to pool near the foundation. Throughout his testing, he explained what he was doing during the entire time so that we had a thorough understanding of the procedure. While on sight, Rick treated our property with respect as though it might be his own. He explained they are not associated with any construction company. They are an independent test only company.

Two days later, we received a very detailed report with the test results performed by an independent lab complete with pictures of all areas via an e-mail. Then, over the phone, technician David from Mold Inspection Sciences explained and broke down the results in a manner which was understandable to me which included the levels and types of molds that were found. David also explained possible actions we might take concerning the findings. David invited me to call back anytime for any questions we may have in the future. With these results and a consultation of a construction professional, turns out the installation of the new roof we had installed seven years ago wasn’t exactly the best job. It leaks. Aside from that, there are a few areas not caused by the roofing company or associated with the roof where moisture is intruding. There is one door frame and an outside electrical box that can be fixed. Also, there is one area behind a toilet that may have a problem, I hope it’s not in the slab. Still looking into that. Some problems found were visible but others weren’t. The special moisture meters and the expertise of the technician uncovered some things we wouldn’t have found out otherwise. We wouldn’t have found this out without the inspection. All said and done, I would urge anyone buying a used or even new property to have these people come out before you sign. I paid just over $1100 for their services and independent lab tests. Seems like a lot, but maybe not. Probably save you a lot in the long run not to mention peace of mind. Glad we called them for their services.

(From Angie’s List Member. Angie’s List overall grade for project: A)

Gerald C. — Cedar Park, TX

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